Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ke$ha's new video - did she do my course?

Tarot in popular culture is always interesting. Some people say that tarot is completely misrepresented.Tarot is often shown as a "dark art", slightly simplistic and generally on par with the use of a Ouija board. Ke$ha's new video "die young" is no exception, but I still like it. The plot is simple, Ke$ha and her mates go to some building, dance around, drink, and incidentally use every spiritual symbol there is. Tarot has a smallish role in this video, but it is worth mentioning, because tarot is the only actual spiritual activity shown in this video. Also, we see the all-seeing eye, the pentacle, skulls and lots of leather. 

The "game" they are playing with tarot cards appears to be similar to familar constellations. From the gestures in the video, the cards they pull represent members of the crew as well as the artist herself. Ke$ha pulls the death for her and holds it onto her foreheard. They all point and laugh. Before, her friend pulls out a card that I cannot see, and the artist herself pulls the devil. They are using a black-and-white Rider-Waite deck.
Shortly afterwards they are throwing all cards into the air, which must be a  new method of shuffeling.

As silly as videos like this sound, there is a purpose to this. Tarot is supposed to be a fun way of discovering something about oneself and other people. Tarot Group Sessions can be very useful for group bonding, and discovering aspects about each other. Although many people consider Tarot sessions as something completely personal - and in most cases it should be - there is the possibility to have more light-hearted sessions in groups. Particularly, with "familiar Constellations" the cards are placed by the group in order of how they relate to the individual. Once the cards are turned around, the tarotist/tarot reader can advise the group on how the group can be improved, or how they relate to each other. Group sessions require from the tarotist more control over the session: No-one should leave upset, and the risk is that personal issues will be uncovered or even discussed. This is why such sessions should be light-hearted.

Even if it means that everyone throws the cards around in the end.

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